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Addiction Intervention
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Addiction Intervention

A drug or alcohol addiction intervention is all about careful planning and timing. Many factors must be considered, such as who will attend, in what environment it will take place, when to approach the addict, and how the addicts loved ones should present their case. If a drug or alcohol intervention is staged too soon, their might not be enough valid information to work with, but wait too long and the addict may have done irreversible damage to their mental, physical, and financial well-being.

Although addiction intervention can be tedious to plan, it is a necessary action when your loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol. Someone with a serious substance abuse problem not only harms themselves, but can harm those around them as well if their addiction is ignored.


Is Addiction Intervention Necessary?

In some cases, addicts are able to recognize the problems their substance abuse has caused and seek treatment on their own, but in many circumstances addicts are reluctant to identify the disease and seek rehab without it being brought to their attention. There are certain warning signs to look for when considering an intervention.

  • Poor attention to hygiene
  • Significant weight changes
  • Untruthful accounts of whereabouts
  • Denial of substance abuse
  • Legal trouble
  • Unhealthy relationships with family and/or friends
  • Withdrawal from family functions
  • Withdrawing from activities they once enjoyed


In order to have a successful addiction intervention, it must be planned in advance and should adhere to the following criteria:

  • The setting must be carefully selected
  • Participants must also be carefully selected
  • It should be rehearsed, as to avoid offensive comments that would further push the addict away
  • Participants must decide on specific consequences if the addict refuses to seek help
  • Facilities must be researched beforehand in order for immediate admittance into treatment


Timing is of utmost importance when planning an intervention. If friends and family wait until the addict has hit rock bottom, too much damage has been done and it becomes more difficult for the addict to achieve and maintain sobriety. The person in need of recovery may have permanently damaged relationships at this point, or caused serious harm to their mental and/or physical health. Approaching the intervention at the right time is key to a successful recovery.


In many situations, planning an intervention may require the help of a professional known as an interventionist. An interventionist can provide the guidance necessary to stage this meeting properly. It may be critical to ask for professional assistance in the case of a long-term, serious addiction.




Typically, the addict will be opposed to confrontation. Therefore, strategy is of high importance. Substance abuse and addiction is a very sensitive, as well as serious matter. The intervention should include topics such as:


  • How their condition has negatively impacts themselves and others
  • Health and safety concerns
  • Damage the addiction has caused on personal relationships
  • Financial consequences
  • A treatment plan with goals, guidelines, and positive encouragement
  • Consequences if the addict refuses to seek help


During this process, there will be heightened emotions. Due to this it may be necessary to utilize the knowledge of a trained interventionist. They are able to guide the conversation in a way that does not make the addict feel attacked. The addict should feel like they have a strong support network and seeking treatment will not only be beneficial to the family, but beneficial to them as well. Presenting the idea of rehabilitation and sobriety to an addict and encouraging them to accept it is a skill that these professionals possess.


Every family is unique and will need a personalized intervention plan based on their current situation. If you feel as though it is time to intervene in your loved ones addiction, do not hesitate to seek help from a professional. This is a decision that could mean the difference between life and death.